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Synchronize Sony Ericsson K610i with Mozilla Sunbird on Ubuntu

I just wanted to write a quick howto, since it took me a while to dig this information up on the Net. The phone is a Sony Ericsson K610i and it’s being synced with Mozilla Sunbird 0.5 calendar via Bluetooth. The calendar is stored locally as an ics type calendar, but this really ought to work with calendar files stored on webdav as well. Apart from the phone and Sunbird, of course, you also need to install the following packages:

  • multisync
  • multisync-tools
  • bluez-utils
  • opensync-plugin-sunbird
  • opensync-plugin-irmc

Install them by writing:

sudo apt-get install multisync multisync-tools bluez-utils opensync-plugin-sunbird opensync-plugin-irmc

They first task is to make “msynctool” ready. Create a sync group and add two members by executing the following commands:

msynctool --addgroup SyncMe
msynctool --addmember SyncMe sunbird-sync
msynctool --addmember SyncMe irmc-sync

Now you need to discover your phone and then configure the sync. Execute:

hcitool scan

to see your phone’s MAC (remember to enable Bluetooth first….). Next do:

sdptool browse writeyourmachere

and look for the “Service Name: OBEX IrMC Sync Server” section. Note the channel number, on my phone it’s channel 8. Now you need to configure the synchronization itself. First Sunbird… write:

msynctool --configure SyncMe 1

which will open the cofinguration for the sunbird plugin in nano or vi or some other editor. Make it look like this:

<file path=”/path/to/calendarfile.ics” />

Change the path to reflect your calendar of course. Next, do the same for the IrMC plugin:

msynctool --configure SyncMe 2

It should look like this:


That’s really it for the configuration. To do a sync between the phone and calendar write:

msynctool --sync SyncMe --filter-objtype note --filter-objtype contact --filter-objtype todo

Notice the –filter-objtype commands I’m using here. I’m excluding notes, contacts and todos from the synchronization. If I don’t the synchronization will hang at some point. Some people report that the don’t need to do that, while others do. You will just have to try. Several people report that the need to empty their phone calendar before the first sync, but that might not be necessary. That’s really it… and it works for me :-) Some people are using the syncml package (opensync-plugin-syncm) rather that the irmc package. Since this is supported by the SE phones, it should work. In practise it didn’t for me, but it might be worth a try. If your going to try it, simply install the syncml package and instead of adding irmc as the second member of the SyncMe group, add syncml:

msynctool --addmember SyncMe syncml-obex-client

The configuration of the second member should the be something like this:

<weddav username=”user” password=”password” url=”http://server.com/path/to/webdav2.ics”></weddav>

You can find the channel in a similar way as before, just look for “OBEX SyncML Client” instead.

If you want to configure the Sunbird plugin for a webdav calendar, you could try writing as the path:

Thanks to the following sites, and many other I can’t remember any more. Go there and look for resources if you need additional help:

  • http://en.opensuse.org/OpenSync/irmc-sync
  • http://www.opensync.org/browser/plugins/sunbird/README?rev=971
  • http://www.nabble.com/problem-while-syncing-with-a-k750i-t4544072.html