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Delta3D 2.1.0 for Visual Studio 2008

To compile Delta3D it is necessary to first create a solution file for a IDE (or some other environment) and then build the project using that tool. Delta3D 2.1.0 does not come with pre-created VS2005/8 solution files like older versions of Delta3D did.

To create a VS2008 solution for Delta3D 2.1.0 first obtain the following programs/sources:

  1. Download Delta3D 2.1.0 from Sourceforge.
  2. Download Delta3D 2.1.0 dependencies from Sourceforge.
  3. Download the open source C++ edition of Qt from Trolltech.
  4. Download NMake build tool from Microsoft.
  5. Download CMake build tool from

Now you have the resources you need to be able to start the build process. Please notice that the version of Qt to download must be the source code (src) version, not the MinGW version, which Delta3D can not use. Now you need to install nmake, cmake and the other tools. I am assuming that you already have VS2008 installed…

  1. Install NMake – create a directory for NMake, for example C:\Program Files\NMake and move the NMake executable file to the new foldet. Run the file and it will unzip to a couple of files, among them nmake.exe.
  2. Install CMake – just follow the instructions.
  3. Unzip the Qt package to where you will want it installed, for example C:\Qt\4.4.3 (depending on version).
  4. Install Delta3D from the executable – again just follow the instructions.
  5. Unzip the Delta3D dependencies package to your Delta3D installation folder, for example C:\Program Files\Delta3D_REL-2.1.0. The package contains a single folder, ext, which you should overwrite the existing Delta3D ext folder with.

Now the tools are basically installed. The first step is then to compile Qt:

  1. Add NMake to your path – For example add C:\Program Files\NMake to your path varialble if that is where you installed the NMake tool.
  2. Add the Qt bin folder to your path – If you installed Qt to C:\Qt\4.4.3 then add C:\Qt\4.4.3\bin to your path.
  3. Start a Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt, not the usual cmd but the VS2008 one so that Qt can find the compilation (cl) and linking (link) tools.
  4. Navigate to the Qt folder, for example C:\Qt\4.4.3, and run “configure.exe -platform win32-msvc-2008″ which should create a file called “Makefile” in the Qt directory.
  5. Run NMake by typing “nmake” and wait while Qt compiles… this takes a LONG time.

Now that Qt is installed you are able to create a VS2008 solution file for Delta3D:

  1. Open the CMake tool. Select the CMake entry in your start menu (not the cmake-gui).
  2. Open an explorer window and drag the CMakeLists.txt file from the Delta3D folder into the CMake window.
  3. Click configure and wait while it checks your system. If it complains about QMAKE missing, find the relevant entry (some where in the bottom of the configurations in CMake) and point it to the qmake.exe in your Qt bin directory, and press configure again.
  4. When successfully configured press OK.

Now you have a VS2008 solution file in the root of your Delta3D folder. Open that with Visual Studio and build as necessary.

Clever little game, blog update

So, it’s been really long since I last put a new post up, and I’m going to try to remedy that in the near future, after my exams. I have a couple of post in queue right now:

  • Part 2 of the Sokoban robot post, detailing the construction of a Sokoban game parser, an A* routine for finding paths written in Java, and a translator routine for the route, so the robot can follow it.
  • A new AI post about implementing a Neural Network in Java. Used for playing LUDO, but probably general enough to be used for other things.

The post about using Sunbird and a SE phone generated a lot of traffic, so I’m going to try to follow up on that to, since people apparently like those kind of cookbooks. So more Ubuntu experiences coming up as I get my notes sorted out.

I’m going to start on my master thesis in a few weeks, and I’m going to use this blog as a sort of project journal. So hopefully I’ll have lots of stuff to post during the next 12 months :-)  This also means that I’m about done with the approximately one million projects we have undertaken during the years, so I’m going to try to sort through my archives, and see if there’s something that worth making publicly available, and commenting a bit on that.

Finally I just wanted to point to a small very intriguing game Cursor*10, which was also featured on digg a little while ago. Just goes to show, that as all computer gamers know, game play can be so much more important that graphics. I mean… it’s even in mono-chrome. Fantastic…

And lastly, the blogroll has been updated, since Lars has moved his blog, now that he was finally pressured into handing in his thesis. Congrats, Lars.