Using Evolution Mail Client With Exchange At University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

It is possible to connect to and use the Exchange hosted mail and calendar at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) with the Evolution mail client under Ubuntu.

You will need the Evolution client and the Evolution MAPI plugin, as well as a VPN connection to SDU’s network if your computer is not on the local network. I have described my VPN connection setup here (in Danish, ask for translation).

Evolution is installed by default in all Ubuntu versions, and probably on any system that uses Gnome. Since 12/2009 SDU is using Exchange 5.5 which is not supported in Evolution. Instead you will have to rely on the Evolution MAPI plugin. In Ubuntu this can be installed with the following command:
sudo aptitude install evolution-mapi

After installing start Evolution and add a new account. Select the Exchange MAPI type and fill in the appropriate fields. You will need the host name of the mailbox server, which can be found by logging in to your webmail account. When logged in to the webmail system, follow the settings link, and select the about menu option. In my case the information is listed under the entry mailbox server name. Put the server name in the Server field. The username is your normal domain username, and the domain is your normal logon domain e.g. TEK, SDU etc.

That is it…

3 thoughts on “Using Evolution Mail Client With Exchange At University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

  1. I did as you wrote, and now I can connect to my SDU mail from Evolution on my desktop. But it doesn’t work on my laptop/netbook. Both computers have the same configuration, and both computers connect to SDU’s VPN.

    Have you got an idea about what the problem is? (I take it you’re better at this than the service department…)

  2. Well, it is hard to say without a little more information? Do you get an error message? Are the computeres running the same version of Evolution, Gnome, Ubuntu etc?
    I have to admit that I’m actually not using the Exchange server anymore, but use Thunderbird and SDU’s IMAP server instead. You will not get access to the the adressbook/calendar that way, but I rely on Google Calendar instead.

  3. Yes, same version of Evolution, Gnome and Ubuntu, but on different architectures. However, I’m not entirely sure I was using the same version of the MAPI plugin for Evolution.

    I didn’t know that I could use IMAP, and I’ve now changes to it. It works on both computers, and I can use the SMTP server of my primary webmail supplier.

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