Crusing around in Kattegatcentret’s big basin.

So, apparently it’s possible to post directly to a wordpress blog from flickr… just had to test it.

This a picture taken at Kattegatcentret in Grenaa, Denmark on the 16th of March. A friend of mine had arranged a trip where we had the opportunity to get our scuba equipment out of winter storage, and get the seasons first dive in Kattegatcentret’s main tank. For approximately 500 Danish kroner you got 30 minutes in the tank, and free access to the center. And best of all… the water is heated. A luxurious 10 degrees Celsius. You don’t get that kind of warmth many places in Scandinavian waters in March.

The basin is about 8×8 meters and 5 deep, and it holds a concentrated version of the life normally found in the Kattegat. A mix of sandy and rocky bottom, and lots of fish I don’t know the name for in English :-)

The whole trip is definitely worth both to travel and pay for. It’s a nice way to experience the life and conditions found in the inner Danish waters, in a quick and controlled way.

There are additional pictures available on flickr:

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